Color: Peekaboo

Looking to try peekaboo hair color and searching for a professional Korean hair salon in Koreatown, Los Angeles? Look no further than our salon! We specialize in peekaboo hair color, a unique and exciting way to experiment with hair color that’s currently extremely popular. With this technique, color (or highlight) is applied to the bottom layer of hair, so when you move or run your fingers through your hair, the color beneath “peeks” through the top layer to reveal a surprise “pop” of color. This makes it a great entry-level coloring option for people who haven’t yet had traditional highlights, but it’s also a way for those who are more experienced with color to get creative and add bolder colors to their peekaboo color options.

At our salon, our skilled stylists are trained to apply peekaboo color in various ways to fit your unique needs, ensuring that you receive a look that’s perfectly customized for you. Plus, with our commitment to using high-quality products and our dedication to providing excellent customer service, you can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands when you visit us. So don’t wait – book your appointment with us today and discover the ultimate peekaboo hair color transformation!